Thursday 7th of July 2022
The hotel is situated in an historic structure located in the lower part of the "Parco della Memoria Storica" (The Park of remembrance). The edifice is in three storeys with super-panoramic outlook on the valley below and a multi terraced garden. In time it has undergone numerous transformation and restorations; in particular, at the end of the 17th/ beginning 18th century with the creation of a new fašade on the south face and a portal of quality stone on the north face.

During the second world war the structure was the German army HQ when San Pietro Infine was razed to the ground (December 1943) by the allied forces bombardment in their efforts to liberate Italy from German occupation. Only two buildings were spared and remained standing with little damage: One was our mansion which even today shows signs of the battle on the stone entrance portal.

The building belonged to the Alfieri D'Evandro family whose son Anonio was elected deputy on the 17th of august 1862 to the first national parliament. Antonio D'Evandro, who on the 30th of august 1860 was designated secretary of the "Salerno Pro-Dittatoriale" government, authored many essays amongst which was "Of the National Salernitan Insurrection of 1860".

The D'Evandro family was succeeded by the family of Tommaso Comparelli, illustrious literary man, author of essays and publications, who had three children by his wife Filomena Marone: Olindo, Elvira and Giuseppe. This last, a medical man, had the post of Head Doctor of the town. In 2004 Cav. Adriano Vecchiarino took over the building from the Comparelli heirs with a view to creating a high class tourist hotel.
Resort San Pietro