Jueves 7 de Agosto de 2022
Park of historical memory
The local administration has, since the end of the war until today, had to confront the problem of what to do with the old inhabited centre of San Pietro Infine which was destroyed by the allied bombardment of December 1943. The decision to reconstruct was wise and just. Only in this way could the remaining stone walls continue to give testimony to the ferocity of war and the suffering of the populous to visitors to this place.

It is true to say that the most decisive action, according to everyone's view, was taken by the administration of 2002. Memorial day was initiated and every year on the 16th and 17th of December a display is held in San Nicola square in memory of the liberation of San Pietro.

In addition to the mayors of surrounding towns with their official banners, representatives of regional and national institutions, the army, NATO soldiers and a delegation from the 36th Infantry Division Texas directly from the U.S.A. take part. From the start of 2002 it has been recognised as of great importance and many works have been carried out. Continue...

Resort San Pietro